What is S.O.A.P. PLUS?

S.O.A.P. Plus is an interconnected system of multiple mini-templates incorporating clinical guidelines from evidence-based medicine, built for use within the Practice Partner Electronic Health Record suite of applications. The signature distinguishing feature of S.O.A.P. Plus is its extensive embedded and pre-formatted Quicktext database. The design and content evolved based on the day-to-day user experience of a group of community-based internists who also hold medical school clinical faculty appointments and frequently host residents and students in their offices.  The resulting product enables the user to efficiently document a traditional, coherent, paragraph-style note “on-the-fly” during the patient encounter. The format of S.O.A.P. Plus permits the Adult Primary Care Module to be easily expanded to address the needs of family practitioners and pediatricians.

About Practice Partner

Practice Partner is an integrated suite of applications (Patient Records, Order Entry, Appointment Scheduler, and Medical Billing) originally developed and marketed by Physician Micro Systems, Inc. (PMSI).  Dr. Andrew Ury, a family physician, was the President and CEO of PMSI and the architect of the Patient Records application.

In 1996, Practice Partner and the Medical University of South Carolina collaborated to create the Practice Partner Research Network (PPRNet), the nation’s first EHR-based clinical research network.  Practice Partner was purchased by McKesson in 2007, and PPRNet continues to operate today as the Primary (Care) Practices Research Network.

PPRNet practices using the SOAP Plus approach were consistently among the top decile performers for primary prevention delivery and chronic disease management among the PPRNet provider cohort.

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